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Skeleton Kit

Casing with Signature Skeleton mouvement

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Case your watch with a Signature Skeleton mouvement.

Attention, this video applies only to Initium movements that are fixed with screws. To recognize it, this one has a rounded recess where the dial feet attach.

Before reading this video, we recommend that you read these instructions. 

Indeed, the casing of a skeleton watch is slightly different from that of a dial watch, and we only have a video for this step for the moment. Our team is working on a new and more explanatory video.

On a skeleton watch, when you have positioned the case on the movement, it is necessary to insert the winding stem in it before turning it over. If this is not done, it is possible that the winding pinion becomes dislodged. This is not serious, but it requires additional work to reposition it. If it has become dislodged, we invite you to go to the following video to reposition it. 

Furthermore, in this video on casing, you will discover the different steps necessary to casing your watch.  First, take the movement located on the red Initium movement holder and install it on the black movement holder. You must then remove the winding stem. To do this, unscrew the screw next to the winding stem by two turns using the red screwdriver (120) and then place the stem on the blotter. Once this step is done, take the cushion and place it on the black side of the mechanism. Turn it all over and cover it with the bell. You can now proceed to clean the top and the needles with the rodico in the shape of a point. After this step, install the case directly on the movement, turn the cushion over with a sharp blow and work on the movement upside down. Check that the movement is aligned with the tube and remedy this if necessary with the spindle. Next, you need to insert your final stem into the tube by pushing the crown all the way in. With your red screwdriver, turn the small screw next to the crown clockwise by two turns. Proceed with the verification by pulling on the crown. After this step, take the clamps and screws from the small blue box and place them in front of you. Now place the clamps between the movement and the case and screw in the screws with the green screwdriver before cleaning the mechanism with the rodico. Also clean the bottom, this time with the blower, put it on top and tighten it with two fingers. Using the back cover tightening tool, place the previously removed end caps in the holes of the tool. Place the watch on its edge by manipulating the wheel of the tool so that the tips are inserted into the watch. Place the watch in front of you and make the final tightening by placing your bottom on the tool while applying constant downward pressure on the case. Turn the case middle clockwise and when you reach the end, remove the watch, place it back on the tool and tighten the back again until it stops.

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